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if they knew who you were

this story is in my heart and it comes from my heart to you the reader it is a theory because the man with no color rules over all and none at the same time

 simply lost  the lost ones that without the elders to say to them these are your kinfolks from long ago  from myths and folklores wandering clouds without end for today as yesterday we beat our drums the same intruders say oh you look so different for the hidden history says we  always walked this way  refreshing of rain silence the mind the beat of the drum challenge the soul  will my kinfolks know from the ancestors blood speaks of truth when that day come let us beat our drums from near and far …


the rights of no rights

look at the world we have created or should I say most have fell asleep dreaming of the perfect world the one GOD as some will say promised for two thousand years this thought has placed you I we them she he they in a dream like state we are living in a world within worlds where lowercase and CAPITOL letters leads you to a strange awakening lets not forget the numbers and everyday symbols in plain view the systems within systems governing unlawfully over all bodies even in death where no grave is sacred enough to the gravediggers if the people could put aside the RELIGION/PRACTICE of what society says is right and with full understanding before the gates of heaven closes uncover the layers and layers of lies bearing witness to truth as the mighty son has done did and doing  with realization this is the promise land this is the heaven this is the beginning and the end because of you I she he her them ..Mother Earth hears the Mothers

stranger within

I was given the opportunity to discuss the abnormalities of what my brother and I have shared with each other throughout our life time with a cousin of mines who said the hair stood up on the back of her neck because her and her sister have had similar experiences in which her sister said she believe we are witches of some sort at one time I had that feeling also but the elders hold the keys to this mystery even when it comes to faith some latch on and others stay firm in knowing the natural intelligent order connecting each and everything that exist we feel those we are closely connected to I’ve heard three of my family members speak about taking a step or two almost in a leap like way and thinking I only took two steps away from harm I just wanted to share the stranger within

just a thought

the news of suffering is an everyday experience yet the invisible racial lines of hatred has a way of being outright visible when the oppressed race stand up for all the injustices suffered why do they become outrage every other race of people can stand up and say this is not right and its happening to my people except them it makes you wonder the normal days of living are what lies why pretend why hold on why oppress what you don’t really like  the oppressed race allow you to be doctors looking after their health lawyers looking out for their freedom scientist with the best research teachers with a love for teaching and etc with the killing of so many young black men or the multiple arrests convictions or court cost of the oppressed people what is it about protective service workers that they kill instead of protect is the message the system is truly sending that it is layered against them and not for them its a continuous poking of the oppressed people most need not be reminded of the roots from which they came most are watching most are just tired  


the old man says search and reach beyond self for I know better the happy lady in a sleep like state speaks many words with no end for I know better the youth march beating their own chest for I know better  the voice of the father came through the whispering of a child for my ears hear the slight touch of a warm breeze reminds me of lonely miles I’ve walked many shall sing in circles only one song unifies the soul none moves the soulless but death itself crossroads forgive me Father the blood of nations ripples through dry land and my feet hurt staining with each step yet the slight touch of a warm breeze pushes me further at the right time with ten million excitement for the sight of finally being universally free all for one