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7 feet DOG

what started out with a lonely wolf is now an evolutions of dogs from the tiniest to now recently 7 feet dogs weighting close to 300 pounds who are engineering this because its not Natural someone is engineering the genes of the wolf reconstructing the DNA for this to happen so if these engineers are playing with the DNA of the wolf who is the father of all breeds of dog what do we the people think will happen when they find the TRUTH when they find the FATHER of the SUN CHILDREN now let review the intended targets the push for people to learn their ancestry, slave descendants  natives Indians , aboriginals even lost tribes the more these people part take in this DNA genome pool the more information engineers have to use against the SUN CHILDREN

so far they have found how to reconstruction the RNA which is suppose to fight against viruses the EBOLA ATTACK did not come from any monkeys it came from man by injecting the viruses(EBOLA) into the first target and then watching it spread from person to person who came within contact more thoughts soon


pink bunny

city lights will spark no longer once the war is on it was the heart of New York now its a terror zone attention the war is on the war is on

the disharmony from the food we eat the pink bunny commercial comes to mind when I look at Ferguson and people just day to day I watched my neighbor get beat up three days in a row by three different families the forth day she came out still looking for a fight something is wrong with this picture and its deeper then the eyes I said to myself how much does food play in this behavior matter of fact electricity above your head can alter how one thinks this is why back in the days the mad scientist would a misunderstanding of electricity would fry a person brain running test placing them in a trace like state no longer mentally a part of this world so let me go back lets really analyze the reaction and how the media plays a role in the information processed by the brain and how people reacts (this is not factual just go look for yourself I know how I could become)

the power of information by the sight is a needed discussion the mind altering of 100 times and then the reactions this is one of the many methods used to control the brain which is your brain for example is you watched eight hours of tv the brain will desire the one object that is shown 100 times  this is just my opinion every killing done by a white officer is broadcast just from my observation the two communities speaking mostly about it is white or black people because these are the objects shown over and over again  ..also

we are surrounded by artificial electricity that’s what I will call it because it is man made there is a natural electrical wave frequency that is in everything that exist and non existing how does this alter the brain notice after years of studying both engineers governed by our government place high electrical objects above the people we are not taught to analyze ourselves as electrical components so in a lot of ways we overlook the heavy electrical objects that  effect our brains normal functions ..

adding on the food and the harm it actually does to the body how long it takes to cook it in today’s world with the over amount of sugar all of these factors playing side by side we have created human pink bunnies that keep going and going …

the IDEA plus the ENERGY plus TOOL=pink bunny

run salt run

the American dream somewhere lost is a slave  oh how he once picked cotton look how he play ball today the American dream somewhere lost is a slave Mary had twenty five youngin’s before the age of thirty when she was breeding for the master no abortion clinic necessary a profit now deemed a misfit patent the ideas of slaves even to this day when the slaves owned the land the states rezone and ran a highway through it the untold truths my people say the government sent crocks to the elderly unable to read with an X signed their land away mistakenly the untold truths I know about the prostitution the cotton plantations but why is the salt plantation hidden slavery is right here in America so who is it with this American dream cause my people are descendants of a losing war if they don’t wake up ……so how long will the salt run………before he realize he is a slave


it is better sometimes to sit in silence …….the corruption erupting before the face of so called American’s as silent as the patriotism the Oath keepers only validates the constitution for a very few Operation Choke Point investigated after twenty executive bankers coincidently found dead nine eleven the false flag of socialism even though terrorism costarred and directed by the Bush administration while the innocent tortured at Gautama Bay during the mid afternoon without a witness a man is chased into the subway surrounded by police he commits his last act of peace by blowing his own head off his facebook page with his last words I will do one thing in my life right so he traveled more then three states and killed two police officers who was apparently out of place doing an extra duty corruption erupting before the face of the so called American  either the lies are in the television or our vision is a lie Someone yelled Charlie Mike after the funeral and now two more black youths are dead am I delusional did the NYC police union say wartime on its citizens and turn their backs on the mayor while on duty . So who is in charge of these states and if its wartime then my people need to know NO QUARTERS …CHARLIE MIKE

Nitrogen Compound

from the darkest part of the universe miles into the galaxy for I stand awaken by this unforgettable moment yet behind me crumbling uncontrollable the masses of matter now a wanderer drifts slowly rotations of nothing sprang forth not one but many in all directions I stand awaken confronted by something new and old at the same time between them both existence non-existing for one drop in drops of billions of trillions yet uniquely exist nothing is greater then I Am harmonizing settling this vibration with atonements affirming for what will be will be conditioning a natural order of existence within me purpose understood for it took years to be here which is the greatest gift to mankind is mankind

The Eyes See

For many lands my eyes see holding the flag of poverty didn’t think this land of ancestry were full of riches until the intruder besiege it and my people displace to be placed not too far from what the eyes see is it too late because what claims to belong has been replaced from the identity of my people but the eyes sees here too few in numbers but the eyes sees many numbers looking back at me with the same cries and the same eyes holding the flag of poverty can the youth recognize this foreign intertwined within our DNA suggestive behavior of being less then tell thy youth to look to the eyes to see the many eyes just like them to know thy greatness is to know thy self

American Born Terrorist

what do you call these people or do you browse over the headline to the left of the paper due to it being simply put its not the center of any media attention because why should they inform the people of home grown terrorist completely absurd of me not when it comes to one or many of their children i watch grown men sit in prison for life times because all they threw was one punch I watched youths protecting themselves end a life  locked away until their youth becomes old age the imbalance is shown and clear in the injustice of the justice system and every now and then it slaps you across the face with the integration of yesterday let down our guards for this to be going on today ..we have to have a love for our people no more of you taking ten steps and then maybe you’ll reach back it has to be you take a step I take a step to move forward together .this is how racist live generation to generation and these are the acts of yesterday today and tomorrow ….