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with a line becomes more lines with colors brilliantly displayed for this master piece may take days or weeks to be complete fully indulged in this madness of creativity unleashing the untold story with me or is it not even fully awaken yet the vision is painlessly unfolding a mission what will this master piece unveil will its lines of more lines say nothing or something to the one who sees it unpleased or pleasing waiting to be perceived for time doesn’t have a value here incompleteness appreciated by patience perfection seated imperfectly with a line and more lines



we are arriving at a fork  in the road with so many paths which one do we as a conquered people take what bags shall we carry once we have made a choice and what shall be our guiding star

when we look behind us at this fork in the road for too many the suffering of being in a mind war is overwhelming yes a mind war before your existence the mother who birth you was already under attack in which affected you before your birth even before her birth the you was under attack as long as the female continues to endure suffering this traumatizes the eggs she carries since birth this trauma can be measured by the size of the male penis (please don’t quote me on this ,you research and see for yourself ) the honoring of the black man penis is globally depicted in monuments and it is  overlooked because nobody has made the connection . the smaller the penis in our people from my studies within myself show the many generations of suffering females .why is there an attack on black men globally the blood of a man brings life once its exits the penis this is power this is why the harvesting of seeds is important to our people and where you sow your seeds is important as well   back to the fork in the road we have a choice to make do we continue to conform to our oppressor laws education and spirituality and economic  or do we rewrite our history by  re educating our people rebuilding our foundation reorganizing our military to protect our assets which is the you and I……..we have a lot of work to do we are all we got


you cant believe your lying eyes as the elder begins with the pan African movement  reclaiming of birthrights by signing petitions to get these corrupted officials out of office its simple yet cant be done by one or two a you and a I it must be the we unified from the Congo to the Bongo this elder will say united under the red black and green of the united states of Africa he is so passionate roaring like the old lion amongst jackals he stands in his position and continues his mission for the great grandmothers to the mothers have sent him the messenger  give the Goddesses the crown so her children can be free with food water shelter and clothing the birthrights reclaimed by ink and not by the blood sweat and tears of we the people as a witness to this unfolding I wonder who hears him …peace to the Goddesses written out of history so that God can lead to this final judgment day  reminding us Ye were all gods ….


we are all we got from where you at re educate  reorganize rebuild and most of all redefine what the role of the male and female is ? what will be the mission of the youth ? agree on something and move forward

it is the parents today who with every breathe must begin to do the above with the help of the elders and the elders with the wisdom of experience assist in the redirection of each individual each family each community each state each country and etc  based on what we are witnessing globally there is a pressing need of standing up there is a pressing need of re educating all there is a pressing need of not using tools that shed the blood of each other because this further pushes our communities in the graves globally .our men have answers and we as woman must hear them we must listen to them they are living and experiencing just as we are hear each other


6 am my brothers are awaken from the horrors of reality from new York to California still with cold in their eyes baggage on their backs no hope left in the hearts we must recognize this plight faced everyday with the check away from the discomfort of living life like this   my brothers with year to year displacements  the Zombie mind quietly mistaken for insanity where are the healers really my brothers are in need of them only with anger and dried tears questions for the Universe where are  the brothers with the resources and what energy is interfering with the cry of their brothers spirits for its a cold world or a cold war when reinforcements doesn’t hear the drums from a losing battle are you hiding from suffering now or later to use as an excuse of non existences the Zombies are in the language the culture the entertainment your children and even the great grandmothers  …every unanswered beat is death for my brothers so hide no more  with resources and reinforcement

math and symbols

math and symbols never taken seriously if it wasn’t for the geniuses scientifically speaking altering the mind of most average of thinkers new beginning’s old foundations math and symbols took away the mysticism of invisible atoms molecules and where we stand most is still confused illiterate and only validated by language with the lack of comprehension even with this illiterate testing to control the mind Alfred Hitchcock made public announcements all eyes planted on the television for  thirty minutes then today several hours images creating desires changing the natural order of the mind mixed up so much that not even the blind can escape sound waves of imbalances an  effort of keeping the you and I illiterate incapable of creating free thoughts but math and symbols breaks those barriers

Declaration of life

Declaration of life by meekodk

step out the box into the outer zone no lines marked unbounded by thoughts no necessary hurries the riddle of who say who when I say who becomes a smile of an unfamiliar smile so deep that the soul asked who was that without nobody to respond proudly stopping to heal in the sun raised both arms to embrace the calm of lite touches of wind air nitrogen for granted not no not this time no hurry for the foundation sinks in between my toes knowing to know life is worth living and to live each day is empowering  what would the world be without me I scream for those to hear in the box  life times of many until one comes along echoed backwards through time those words not a minute lost as I am joined by another and another declaration of life begins …wake up remember your greatness