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What Went Right With… Stikken Moov?


What Went Right With... Stikken Moov?

The internet is supposed to be a wealth of knowledge, right? So is it possible for there to be almost zero information about something, let’s say a musician or group? Well, surprisingly yes. I was recently organising my music collection and I realised that I know almost nothing about a Hip-Hop band known as Stikken Moov who released a few singles during the mid-90s.

Stickken Moov as far as I know, consists of members Dog The Rap Asserter, Gus The Rap Vigilante, and T-Bone The Menace (I only know this because of the credits on a vinyl record). I think that they were signed to the Ill Kid label affiliated with Gang Starr’s Guru (I know this because they appeared on a compilation album titled “Guru Presents Ill Kid Records”) and I’m assuming they’re from Queens, New York because of the title of one of their songs as well as…

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