the world is waiting

the tactical treatment of the so called citizen hired help of policing the people the misunderstanding of what being protected and the new world order  the federal state and local government has one agenda by any means necessary KILL THE PEOPLE  bring the numbers down  for governmental control no matter the cost the same food for the prisons is given to the children through the school system and some how my brothers in America are feeling around in the dark waiting for the light to turn on even though they hear the booms and bangs screams and cries of the most endangered reflection of self globally yet he covers his ears in hopes of no not me I wonder what is he’s waiting for ….we are all we got



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exploit and eliminate 2

subtraction of saving all for too many love well paved roads every tool for the plantation continues to be bought and sold while disconnected from the people standing cowardly in the shadows of injustice with a feeling of untouchable yet reality streams in many ways oh this well paved road seems unlimited until  tragedy of blindness find its way home knocking on doors nobody never told you that wealth doesn’t mean the world is color blind and your disconnection were a dishonorable choice again and again shameless for the benefits of fame subtraction of saving all  for too many love well paved roads … we are all we got

exploit and eliminate

exploit and eliminate Darwinian gave all white races within agreement false foundation of supremacy survival tactics of genetics power struggle of law and order by misleading the people of color dividing the connections by the classification system its no natural difference in blackness  under law delusion grows by separation  under order chaos amongst the color of people while the whites stick together under classification system the Egyptian’s are white for ten thousand years never was there one yet under law and order stolen identity is the normal for the white man it’s Satan’s world people of color and the order is exploit and eliminate your blackness even when after declassification of blackness to whiteness your skin is hated your DNA is forbidden under the defense program killing unborn budget and donations is highly important for elimination of blackness forced in communities of poverty globally then exploited for the division of the family…. prisoners of war misguided under slavery intentionally the war never stopped against blackness…if you knew you were prisoners of war you would fight until all were free ………….we are all we got

where is your dignity

feeding the propaganda by not correcting the behavior projected globally of the black family mistakenly in the most dehumanizing ways under the code of acting dollars signs of  many individuals read this is your nation globally sold by signing contracts of what they call playing your part the damage beyond the television losing self respect in the race of ethnicity black people where is your dignity lost in idolizing  todays currency we cant be here anymore sleep walking while the plots of killing the many generation  is unfolding .we are all we got

remedy and recourse

many words softly spoken quietly bleeding hearts reach its limitation what happens if the world stood in truth would it balance the universe for the keepers knew the answer for tools of information controlling mishaps experimental human relapses reconstruction began with the shut down of answers  engineers needed help wanted sign posted the best role is the camouflage bushmen or the call for the great migration to the many underground cities separation is the best remedy or like always the white man honors none of his created laws remedy and recourse its in the corporate laws of the UNITED STATES DBA USA under DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA   which is the US FEDERAL GOVERNMENT off paper which name is an illusion of the governing country and if we not under the so call queen of Britain why she gets our taxes every year we sleep walking the number one crooks are in the government stealing your federal  reserved money …we are all we got remedy and recourse


3 million dollars was the projection for 2015 in Ferguson resignation of the chief of police and a take over of the court system hit the period key again 3 million dollars projected for 2015 in Ferguson even though 85 percent lives below poverty city to city state to state stolen resources get swept under the table private prison systems new housing of humans again an attack on those below poverty or is it  an  illusion of the middle class  only on paper gross amount calculated most living above income level eating cereal for dinner 2015 why is the states court systems not audited …what’s really crazy is the mad scientists are at it again head transplant projected for 2016 one thing that stood out was the need for the youth  another thing that stood out was the head of a elderly white man placed on a black man’s body is this invasion of the body snatchers one of the reason why war is important so the elderly white man can live beyond his time somebody better wake up how a black man hung himself 30 miles from where he use to live so where did he get a sheet from in the middle of no where im afraid for the black youth and most of all the black men ..its sad cause most black men are bowing their heads praying cause they out lived many friends and most don’t under stand everyday you live in a war zone supported by the systems and systems to keep us blind deaf and confused……..and you wonder why we look for entertainment to be amused suffering from the lack of or unaccepting the truth black lives matter to the living now take heed to the systems looking to  use them… we are all we got